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I started this blog for my children

Our story is written as a Federal Law Suit, and an Article 78 (which is legaleze for when you sue a Judge) below on the right hand side.. and well as numerous Motions & Petitions.

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Don't shoot the messenger.. but guess what..

Many court rooms are corupted by some not so honest judges!

Innocent or not..

In the blink of an eye.. you can lose your kids, your life savings, your inheritance, your house and or your mind!

That's why I've continued to post to this blog because...

So many children are being destroyed by our wonderful system..

They've forced me to become a Child/Family and Civil Rights advocate/activist.

I should thank them for the education I got out of this!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The National Association Of CPS Defense Attorneys N.A.C.D.A.

As most of my regular readers already know, I get sidetracked fast!

Then I forget how I got where I wound up, and it's usually an amazing site that I found..

Well, I happy to report it happened again tonite...

I was looking for one thing, and BAMMMMNNNN there it was something else of awesome value..

So here it is, I decided to share it with the readers of this commintiy because this is where this kind of information will be the most helpful..

The name of the list is..

The National Association Of Defence Attorneys...


Here is the name of the actual FB page..

The National Association of CPS Defense Attorneys...N.A.C.D.A.


It is a list of attornies according to each state that will help you fight for children abducted my child anything but ptotective services, now I have no affiliation with this group, nor have I personally checked out any of the attornies they've listed, yet in the short time I did spend on their main page and looking around, they seemed crediable enuff for me to add them to my blog, that's gotta say something, cuz it's highly unlike me to just add anyone to my links, or to post about just anyone or anything..

If you'd like to check the page out, they have much more to it than this one link.. I just wanted to get this link out here on my page before I got distracted again (Thanks TBI & PTSD - I forget things so fast), and I knew it was important..

I hope it helps at least one person.. nah that's a lie, I hope it helps MANY!

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  1. Both facebook links are not working. Please tell me there is help to be found in Wyoming.