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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do You Have A Corrupt Family Court Case In New York?

OPPORTUNITY FOR ACTION: Testifying, Protesting, Demanding Investigation

Here’s a link to TODAY’s news item about the “all-star line-up of prosecutors” testifying at the September 17th NYC hearing of the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption: 

 http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/194881/moreland-commission-hearings-on-tap-seeking-speakers/ .

Among the big names: US Attorney Preet Bharara (SDNY) and US Attorney Loretta Lynch (EDNY). Have you contacted them with your complaints and evidence? We have – and can attest to their outrageous cover-up of the systemic corruption of NY’s judiciary and the fraudulent judicial pay raises, involving Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman, who formed the Commission.

Here’s the link to the FULLY-DOCUMENTED corruption complaint we filed with US Attorney Bharara on April 15th and with US Attorney Lynch on May 13th that they have been sitting on – not even responding to our inquiries as to the status of their investigation, if any, or of our request for their invention in our People’s lawsuit, suing the Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman, etc. to void the fraudulent judicial pay raises, secure judicial accountability, and establish a superfund for restitution to victims of judicial corruption: 


 We must fill the hearing room, expose the hypocrites & demand investigation. The press will be there – and we must show that We, The People, will not tolerate further cover-up.

And it is not only at the hearing that we must rally. We must do so by a website, always accessible, which is why I have created webpages on the Center for Judicial Accountability’s website, www.judgewatch.org, entitled “The People Have Something to Say -- & Evidence to Back It Up”. There, we will publicly showcase what We, The People are furnishing the Commission: testimony, statements, & evidence of systemic judicial corruption & of the worthlessness of all avenues of redress, such as US Attorneys, District Attorneys, the NY Attorney General, the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the court-controlled attorney disciplinary system, the Chief Judge, the Chief Administrative Judge, the Inspector General, the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees, individual legislators, etc. -- all of whom have been colluding in the corruption in the courts.

Please let me add your name. If you have registered to testify or are planning to submit a written statement to the Commission – which you can submit whenever is convenient for you (the Commission continues through Dec 2014), let me post your name & create a webpage for you where it can be posted. If you need anonymity, we can at least keep an internal record of who you are and provide your info in redacted form. If, within three months, if not sooner, the Commission does not contact us to come in for questioning under oath & to furnish documentary proof of the corruption, we can then publicly blow the whistle by press conferences & other advocacy. Remember, 2014 is an election year for the Governor, Attorney General, all legislators, and many of the district attorneys who are members of the Commission!

I look forward to hearing from you – and with your help developing a strategy to produce results: investigation of the corruption, prosecution of the wrongdoers, and restitution to victims, including the vacating of fraudulent judicial orders and financial recompense.

Elena Sassower, Director

Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA)


ALSO, KEEP SPREADING THE WORD – forward on the below message
SPREAD THE WORD! Opportunity to Testify against New York’s Corrupt Judiciary -- & the Worthlessness of Purported Safeguards
On July 2nd, Governor Cuomo created a commission with extraordinary powers to investigate public corruption, to refer those who corrupt government for criminal prosecution, and to recommend changes in the law.  
The Commission’s first public hearing is on Tuesday, September 17th in lower Manhattan. A second public hearing is on Tuesday, September 24th, outside of Albany. They begin at 6 p.m.
This is a HUGE opportunity for victims of New York’s corrupt judiciary and other lawlessness of our state government – and the best way for you to be convinced of this is to watch the VIDEO of the Governor’s press conference announcing the Commission. Here’s the direct link:  The Commission’s website is here: http://www.publiccorruption.moreland.ny.gov/ -- and it contains a button entitled “REGISTER TO SPEAK AT A PUBLIC HEARING”, with an online form for requests to testify at the September 17th hearing in Manhattan To ensure that the Commission – which is called “Commission to Investigate Public Corruption” -- is true to its name and announced purpose, our nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens’ organization, Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA), has been working hard. Here’s the link to our webpage entitled “Keeping the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True to its Name & Announced Purpose”: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/searching-nys/commission-to-investigate-public-corruption/menu-commission-on-public-corruption.htm , featuring a link to our August 5th letter to the Commission, raising important issues as to its integrity, to which we have received no response. It also features a link to a webpage we’ve created called “The People Have Something to Say -- & Evidence to Back It Up”, where we will be posting YOUR submissions and testimony, if you would like us to do so. I  invite you to call me so that I can guide you as to how to be most effective in your presentations to the Commission, whether at the hearings or by written submissions. Specifically, you should focus on the worthlessness of purported safeguards, these being, for example, reargument motions, motions to vacate for fraud, motions to disqualify and for disclosure, requests for oversight by supervisory judges, Article 78 proceedings, appeals, federal lawsuits, complaints to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and attorney disciplinary bodies, complaints to the Chief Judge, Chief Administrative Judge, and to the Inspector General of the Unified Court System, complaints to the Attorney General and his “Public Integrity Bureau”, complaints to district attorneys and to U.S. Attorneys and the FBI, etc., complaints to other public officers – most importantly, to state legislators and state legislative committees, as, for instance, the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees – entreaties to the press, to academia, to bar associations, etc.  To ensure that there is public record of what members of the public are furnishing the Commission for investigation, I urge you to provide us with copies of your written communications to it so that we can post them on our website, for examination by the press, scholars, and others able to “blow the whistle” on a Commission cover-up.    Ultimately, the webpage will be similar to that which we created, back in 2009, for witnesses who testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s June 8, 2009 and September 24, 2009 hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the court-controlled attorney disciplinary system. Here’s the link to that webpage: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/judicial-discipline/nys/nys-sjc-hearing.htm. We also created a webpage for witnesses testifying on July 20, 2011 before the Commission on Judicial Compensation. Here’s the link so that you can see it: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/judicial-compensation/7-20-11-commission-hearing.htm
Finally, in the event that you have not kept up with CJA’s unrelenting advocacy over these many years, building on what took place at the 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and at the 2011 hearing of the Commission on Judicial Compensation – including by our People’s lawsuit against the state, whose requested relief includes seeding a superfund for restitution to victims of judicial corruption, you can examine it from the hyperlinks on our “Latest News” webpage, accessible from our website’s top panel. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Elena Sassower, Director
Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA)

PS -- Here’s the link to the above “SPREAD THE WORD” alert as posted on our website: 


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