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Don't shoot the messenger.. but guess what..

Many court rooms are corupted by some not so honest judges!

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In the blink of an eye.. you can lose your kids, your life savings, your inheritance, your house and or your mind!

That's why I've continued to post to this blog because...

So many children are being destroyed by our wonderful system..

They've forced me to become a Child/Family and Civil Rights advocate/activist.

I should thank them for the education I got out of this!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here Is My Corrupt Case That I've Submitted For Consideration...

In the matter of a fraudulent transfer in custody, and Domestic Violence and abuse by Governmental Proxy, New York’sInitial’ Child Custody Case Orders given to Mr. Argenzinao; were given after initial Child Custody was given in New Jersey to Mz. Uccio, under a LIFETIME ORDER OF PROTECTION AGAINST Mr. Argenziano (Instead of Modified Child Custody Orders following the proper procedures as the law demands; due to a initial Custody hearing already being held and decided in the sister state of New Jersey; in-which Mr. Agrenzinao was there for the numerous primary hearings & for the final decisions, weeks if not months apart; where nonetheless, he was given ample visitation rights as a direct result of Mz. Uccio’s pleading with the Judge that his Domestic Violence against her, did not come between his children and their relationship. UNTIL IT HAD RESULTED IN THE TIME (2001) TO AN [IL]LEGAL KIDNAPPING OF THE CHILDREN OF THE MARRIAGE, DUE TO TO MR. ARGENZIANO CROSSING STATE LINES TO WHERE HE HAS STRONG POLITICAL CONNECTIONS TO THE PANEPINTO’S unbeknown to Mz. Uccio. Mr. ARGENZIANO, HAD BEEN WORKING FOR THE CATHOLIC CHARTIES, CYO DEVISION FOR AT LEAST 20 YEARS, WHICH I FOUND OUT IN 2006 WAS DIRECTED BY MR. JOSPEH PANEPINTO, WHO HAPPENED TO BE MARRIED TO ACTING SUPPREME COURT JUDGE BARBARA PANEPINTO, AND MR. ARGENZIANO HAD ALSO HAPPENED TO BE LIVING WITH AGGIE PANEPINTO!  

 Prior to this, the Argenziano/Uccio’s had lived in Staten Island for most of their time together, and had moved about a year prior to New Jersey. The children were enrolled in school, and they had already been assigned to and had seen new doctors in New Jersey.

 Unbeknown to Mz. Uccio, (Me) this move was an attempt to isolate her from any family and or friends she had accumulated during the nearly 20 years they had been together. Mr. Argenziano, saw the marriage was coming to an end, and that Mz. Uccio was becoming stronger & stronger emotionally, and she was about to go out and get a job, to be able to support herself and her children, which meant, she was planning on leaving Mr. Argenziano and he knew it.

 During the duration of their nearly 20 years togeter he would torment her relentlessly on daily basis, and because of Mz. Uccio’s then ignorance of how the psychopath mind works, she was caught up in his manipulation and guerrilla tactics over and over again throughout the nearly twenty years they were miserably married.

 So, much so that Mr. Agrneziano refused to allow Mz. Uccio  (Me) to get off the welfare system during her entire marriage to him, he would threaten her with homelessness, and would promise to have the children removed so that she would never see them ever again; which obviously was his plan right along whether I stayed on welfare & allowed the city to support him or not.

On September 9th 2001, Mr. Argenziano had taken my daughter Dawn for an overnight stay, with only my permission, there were no court orders. She was on Vasotec, which is a blood pressure medication for her Rheumatic Heart Condition.

 Ironically, I had gone to see my MD. The day before, and he decided that my stress levels were getting higher and higher, due to Mr. Argenziano not paying any child support and showing up at my home daily to harass me, and that he was going to strengthen my 5 mg valium (yellow) pill, to a 10 mg (blue) pill. That morning, Mr. Argenziano had come over at 7 AM when he knew I would still be asleep, and he walked in as if he owned the home, he did not, it was a rental. I jumped out of bed, and he told me that if I wanted my daughter’s medication I had to go with him to pick it up because he had forgotten it. I agreed to avoid an argument and my daughter and I got into the car with him, she sat in the back, I sat in the front. I had figured since I was already near the pharmacy and it was a good mile walk, I might as well ask him if I could pick up my medication on the way home. He agreed. I picked up my medication and put it into my purse. Shortly thereafter my daughter tossed her pill bottle at me, in a joking fashion and said, “Here ma, you hold these!” So, I placed them up on the top of the brown paper bag I received from the pharmacy, knowing how dangerous they were if the children had gotten hold of them, I kept them on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet where they were not allowed to go, nor could they reach. I then forgot all about them in my purse. However since I kept my prescriptions in my own bathroom upstairs away from the children it didn’t matter, I knew then were all safe.

 Mr. Argenziano refused to leave at any point that day, and every call to the police was ignored, I was helpless to get him out of my home, unless using bodily force myself.

 When I was done giving the children a bath & putting them to sleep, I once again told him he must leave! It was then that he began harassing me even further, refusing to leave. I reached into my purse, and grabbed the first bottle of pills that I touched and opened them, because I was in my bedroom at the computer and my eyeglasses were on my bed and that’s where Mr. Argenziano was laying. The first bottle of pills I had taken out appeared to be a mistake, I had thought that my doctor didn’t change my 5 mg valium to 10 mg valium because they were still yellow, and I took two instead of one, and then abruptly closed the bottle and tried to put it back into the brown bag I had just taken it from- something wasn’t right- it didn’t fit properly.

 It was like a giant AH-Ha yet panic filled moment, I remembered that much earlier that morning, my daughter has tossed her Vasotec into the front seat, and I put her bottle on top on my prescription bag, and perhaps I forgot to put her pills where they belonged because of the insanity Mr. Argenziano was putting me through that day, so I jumped off the computer chair and without a care that he was laying on my bed, I jumped onto my bed to retrieve my glasses so I could read the prescription and sure enuff it was my daughters Vasotec! My doctor had in fact given me the higher 10 mg (blue) valium pill; I just didn’t look, because of the stress & confusion.

 Realizing Vasotec was to lower blood pressure, and knowing my blood pressure was normally 90/60, I went into a panic, I had taken 2 of my daughters 2.5 mg Vasotec instead of 2 of my own 5 mg valium both yellow pills, I began frantically calling pharmacies, which Mr. Agrenziano sat right next to me listening to every word. He was well aware of the mix-up in medication; and how frantic it had me.

 I finally reached a pharmacy that was still open, although it was not my pharmacist and told him of what I may have done, because wasn’t sure at this point!

 I was told by the pharmacist unfamiliar with my normal blood pressure of 90/60, that if I began to feel dizzy or sluggish to get myself to an ER as soon as possible.

 I then demanded Mr. Arennziano leave, and went to bed.

 At some point between that phone call and the following day, I needed to be rushed by ambulance to the nearest ER. I was hospitalized, my blood pressure had bottomed out, and I was near death. I was found by my mother and a best friend, one of which has called my ex-husband who then took it up on himself to use the accidental mix in medication to make it appear that I had attempted suicide. Little to my knowledge, until nearly a week later when Mr. Agrneziano insisted on visiting me every day in the hospital and telling me who I was allowed to associate with, and whom I wasn’t all owed to associate with. On the sixth day when he showed up and I was interacting with a co patient he had forbade me to speak to, he left and called child services, and claimed I attempted suicide.

I was supposed to leave that Friday; instead the following day, Mr. Argenziano coincidentally showed up with an ACS worker who didn’t bother doing one drop of research although my chart was a minimum of 10 feet from the room we were in.

 Instead she had decided, (or was this pre-planned- this is the question I ask to be answered), I was found guilty-  BY ACS ALONE- of an attempted suicide, although my release records DISAGREE with that diagnosis and state that I was severely depressed (Wouldn’t you be- without your children for nearly 2 weeks and your abuser whom you had left months ago, dictating daily whom you were and were not allowed to associate with?)

 I was kept an additional week, because the staff all knew that when Mr. Argenziano showed up at the EXACT SAME TIME WITH THE ACS CASE WORKER, and they brought me into a closed office, without an attorney on my side, or anyone else to represent me on my behalf, and it was then & there that I was labeled a dangerous drug addict and manipulated into sign away any & all of my parental rights to my children without my knowledge because with a sixth grade education I had no idea what I was reading, nor was I able to fake my way through it, I had no glasses with me at the time. I was simply told that I was signing a paper stating that it was ok for my children to stay with my ex while I was hospitalized because of my Order of Protection; and being the then ignorant Co-Dependent that I was, I believed them, and I signed it. I’m positive they were told to either look the other way, or to let it be, because of who was pulling the strings behind the scenes! Otherwise, I’ve read, no one is put in that situation, of signing legal paper work without an attorney present!

 Mz. Uccio (Me) had no idea that the PANNEPINTO CONNECTIONS REACHED AS FAR AS NEW JERSEY AND NOW SHE BELIEVES AS FAR AS PEENNSYLVANIA, because in 2003, when she tried to go to court in New Jersey, she was told that the child support portion only was going to be transferred to New York, because at the time that’s where the children were residing with Mr. Agrenziano, (The [il]legal kidnapping has already happened, I just wasn’t aware of it) and Mz. Uccio was told that it could take up to a year to process the paperwork, so she would just have to wait it out. As was the plan to fraudulently make Mr. Aregnziano’s 40k owned to Mz Uccio (me) disappear behind closed doors, while the fraudulent presented paper work for the record claimed I was present and agreed. Which was impossible because the day they chose to have my child support disappear I happened to be on a time sheet working for 16 hours and there was no signatures anywhere on these fraudulent documents.

 Looking back, I now see how I was manipulated into signing away my rights to my children while I was in a psych unit, on lithium & other brain numbing medications without the advantage of an attorney present.  And every ounce of this non modification of Child Custody Orders INTERSTATE OFF A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER NO LESS.. as the law states is mandatory, along with any modification of Child Support Orders which the law also states is mandatory was all a pre-planned fraud, which had the added bonus of the Title IV federal funding money coming in behind it.. Oh what a joke they make of the entire system, didn’t they?

 I would then spend the next six years in court proceedings, after court proceedings, begging for my children back, or to at the very least to least see them, with court appointed attorneys, after court appointed attorneys, (Imagine being sent into war believing the person they sent you to war with was there to protect you, only to find them shooting you in the back of the head every time you weren’t looking)!

 Instead of getting any justice, or even a resemblance of justice or any one of my or my children’s human rights being protected we were thrown to the wolves, time and again and again, and again.. without one trial, without one fair hearing, without one drug test. This barbaric behavior went on for nearly 9 years; while Mr. Argenziano had all of this time to tell my babies; the reason’s I woke up every day, my loves of my life, my children, that their own mother didn’t want them! Meanwhile, I was blatantly lied to my face, and threated that the  magistrate believed my husband that I was a drug addict, even though they refused to order me to go for a drug testing, I was told the ONLY WAY I WOLD EVER SEE MY CHILDREN AGAIN WAS IF I AGREED TO GIVE HIM CUSTODY OF THEM. Even though I had brought in my own 100% negative hair drug test, it would be left off the record and make no difference in the threats & intimidation!

 Can you only imagine the emotional damage this non-human did to my emotional health & that of my babies babies?


 This was all in an effort so that he did not have to pay one dollar for the children’s pre-natal care, or hospital birth or even the formula and or food they ate while Mz. Uccio, was beaten down emotionally & physically to shut her mouth & just comply and hand over every dollar to him, OR ESLE! Petrified I complied, because prior to my leaving him for good, my Argenziano had pushed me backwards through a glass dining room table severing my shoulder, inches from my carotid artery!

Finally in 2001, Mz. Uccio had finally had enuff, and I decided I didn’t need him to support us, since he was abusing me so that I had a roof over my head and over my children’s head’s andsince welfare was supporting us anyway. I went out and got a job, against everything that Mr. Argenziano had threatened me he would do to me if I did.

 Mr. Argenziano, was offered numerous times in which to have an attorney present to defend any allegations against him in which he felt were false. He was also offered an opportunity to restage the entire situation starting from beginning to end, using one of the court bailiffs as a fill in for Mz. Uccio. Mr. Argenziano failed horribly in his reenactment when offered an opportunity to prove this his role was an innocent role when showing the Judge (using a court officer) how he pushed the plaintiff Mz. Uccio backwards throughout one level of the home as she retreated to protect herself from harm, leading her backing up onto a flimsy dining room chair which collapsed with her being pushed against it bearing his weight onto of her, and it crashed into a glass dining room table, shattering the entire table as the chair fell to the floor with the glass being pushed under the weight of the chair against Mz. Uccio’s back & shoulder, slicing her inches from her carotid artery on the right side of her neck, severing her shoulder blade instead, needing numerous stiches to close it up and stop the bleeding.

The children were there to watch this whole bloody horrific event take place, as were two of their friends. I managed to kick Mr. Argenzinao off me as I lay in a pool of blood in the shattered glass on the floor and called the police to have him removed. My children and two neighbor children were also there to witness this where he was designated the non-custodial parent due to his admittedly abusive behavior; which additionally included Child Support Orders against Mr. Argenziano to be paid to Mz. Uccio for the care of the children of the marriage, along with an Out Of State (New Jersey) Life Time Order of Protection against Mr. Argenzinano. In which, he had at best, curb side pick-up. During which time he abused that Order and forced his way into the home on numerous times whenever he damn well felt like it, whether or not it was his designated visiting time or not.
Mz. Uccio (I), called the police at the 123 prescient, to have my valid sister stateOrders enforced on numerous occasions just like Jessica Gonzales did who just won her Petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and like her each time I called and begged for help, my pleas were ignored each time.

 I New York would have followed the law, a Modified Child Custody & Support Order would have been the way to over-turn an already won Child Custody & Support case by Ms. Uccio in a sister state “New Jersey” Via an Order of Protection in its Final Hearing.

 However, the Uccio children were fraudulently [il]legally kidnapped via Mr. Argenziano’s , Political connections to the PANEPINTO’S and the Governments abuse of power and Domestic Violence by proxy of myself and my children! I too have a Petition in with the Intra American Commission on Human Rights. Due to the above atrocities!

 Additionally, I have a case against the City of New York ACS wherein there was not one day worth of investigation, while I was no less than 10 feet from the nurses’ station where there were numerous records of my blood levels, my blood pressure levels, any and all drugs in my system (which were not one that was abusive, yes there were two vasotec which were ingested accidentally, and not one which proved I was anything but an expletory parent, who made a legit mistake, and for that Mr. Agrenziano and his crew of politically corrupt bullies were able to [il];egallly kidnap my children!

 God help New York State & our Government because of the viral blast I’ll put it on, if God forbid anything happens to anyone of my children before they are fully healed from this trauma, which they are being put through by Mr. Argenziano, the Panepintos, New York State as well as the United States Government!

I have written letters begging for help from everyone beginning with the Staten Island D.A.’s office, The Commission on Judicial Conduct, US Attorney for the Eastern District, the court-controlled attorney disciplinary system, Chief Judge Kaye, the Chief Administrative Judge, the Inspector General Sherril Spatz, and, and, and… the list goes on, and on, and on…

Mz. Louise Uccio

Do You Have A Corrupt Family Court Case In New York?

OPPORTUNITY FOR ACTION: Testifying, Protesting, Demanding Investigation

Here’s a link to TODAY’s news item about the “all-star line-up of prosecutors” testifying at the September 17th NYC hearing of the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption: 

 http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/194881/moreland-commission-hearings-on-tap-seeking-speakers/ .

Among the big names: US Attorney Preet Bharara (SDNY) and US Attorney Loretta Lynch (EDNY). Have you contacted them with your complaints and evidence? We have – and can attest to their outrageous cover-up of the systemic corruption of NY’s judiciary and the fraudulent judicial pay raises, involving Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman, who formed the Commission.

Here’s the link to the FULLY-DOCUMENTED corruption complaint we filed with US Attorney Bharara on April 15th and with US Attorney Lynch on May 13th that they have been sitting on – not even responding to our inquiries as to the status of their investigation, if any, or of our request for their invention in our People’s lawsuit, suing the Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman, etc. to void the fraudulent judicial pay raises, secure judicial accountability, and establish a superfund for restitution to victims of judicial corruption: 


 We must fill the hearing room, expose the hypocrites & demand investigation. The press will be there – and we must show that We, The People, will not tolerate further cover-up.

And it is not only at the hearing that we must rally. We must do so by a website, always accessible, which is why I have created webpages on the Center for Judicial Accountability’s website, www.judgewatch.org, entitled “The People Have Something to Say -- & Evidence to Back It Up”. There, we will publicly showcase what We, The People are furnishing the Commission: testimony, statements, & evidence of systemic judicial corruption & of the worthlessness of all avenues of redress, such as US Attorneys, District Attorneys, the NY Attorney General, the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the court-controlled attorney disciplinary system, the Chief Judge, the Chief Administrative Judge, the Inspector General, the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees, individual legislators, etc. -- all of whom have been colluding in the corruption in the courts.

Please let me add your name. If you have registered to testify or are planning to submit a written statement to the Commission – which you can submit whenever is convenient for you (the Commission continues through Dec 2014), let me post your name & create a webpage for you where it can be posted. If you need anonymity, we can at least keep an internal record of who you are and provide your info in redacted form. If, within three months, if not sooner, the Commission does not contact us to come in for questioning under oath & to furnish documentary proof of the corruption, we can then publicly blow the whistle by press conferences & other advocacy. Remember, 2014 is an election year for the Governor, Attorney General, all legislators, and many of the district attorneys who are members of the Commission!

I look forward to hearing from you – and with your help developing a strategy to produce results: investigation of the corruption, prosecution of the wrongdoers, and restitution to victims, including the vacating of fraudulent judicial orders and financial recompense.

Elena Sassower, Director

Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA)


ALSO, KEEP SPREADING THE WORD – forward on the below message
SPREAD THE WORD! Opportunity to Testify against New York’s Corrupt Judiciary -- & the Worthlessness of Purported Safeguards
On July 2nd, Governor Cuomo created a commission with extraordinary powers to investigate public corruption, to refer those who corrupt government for criminal prosecution, and to recommend changes in the law.  
The Commission’s first public hearing is on Tuesday, September 17th in lower Manhattan. A second public hearing is on Tuesday, September 24th, outside of Albany. They begin at 6 p.m.
This is a HUGE opportunity for victims of New York’s corrupt judiciary and other lawlessness of our state government – and the best way for you to be convinced of this is to watch the VIDEO of the Governor’s press conference announcing the Commission. Here’s the direct link:  The Commission’s website is here: http://www.publiccorruption.moreland.ny.gov/ -- and it contains a button entitled “REGISTER TO SPEAK AT A PUBLIC HEARING”, with an online form for requests to testify at the September 17th hearing in Manhattan To ensure that the Commission – which is called “Commission to Investigate Public Corruption” -- is true to its name and announced purpose, our nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens’ organization, Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA), has been working hard. Here’s the link to our webpage entitled “Keeping the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True to its Name & Announced Purpose”: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/searching-nys/commission-to-investigate-public-corruption/menu-commission-on-public-corruption.htm , featuring a link to our August 5th letter to the Commission, raising important issues as to its integrity, to which we have received no response. It also features a link to a webpage we’ve created called “The People Have Something to Say -- & Evidence to Back It Up”, where we will be posting YOUR submissions and testimony, if you would like us to do so. I  invite you to call me so that I can guide you as to how to be most effective in your presentations to the Commission, whether at the hearings or by written submissions. Specifically, you should focus on the worthlessness of purported safeguards, these being, for example, reargument motions, motions to vacate for fraud, motions to disqualify and for disclosure, requests for oversight by supervisory judges, Article 78 proceedings, appeals, federal lawsuits, complaints to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and attorney disciplinary bodies, complaints to the Chief Judge, Chief Administrative Judge, and to the Inspector General of the Unified Court System, complaints to the Attorney General and his “Public Integrity Bureau”, complaints to district attorneys and to U.S. Attorneys and the FBI, etc., complaints to other public officers – most importantly, to state legislators and state legislative committees, as, for instance, the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees – entreaties to the press, to academia, to bar associations, etc.  To ensure that there is public record of what members of the public are furnishing the Commission for investigation, I urge you to provide us with copies of your written communications to it so that we can post them on our website, for examination by the press, scholars, and others able to “blow the whistle” on a Commission cover-up.    Ultimately, the webpage will be similar to that which we created, back in 2009, for witnesses who testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s June 8, 2009 and September 24, 2009 hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the court-controlled attorney disciplinary system. Here’s the link to that webpage: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/judicial-discipline/nys/nys-sjc-hearing.htm. We also created a webpage for witnesses testifying on July 20, 2011 before the Commission on Judicial Compensation. Here’s the link so that you can see it: http://www.judgewatch.org/web-pages/judicial-compensation/7-20-11-commission-hearing.htm
Finally, in the event that you have not kept up with CJA’s unrelenting advocacy over these many years, building on what took place at the 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and at the 2011 hearing of the Commission on Judicial Compensation – including by our People’s lawsuit against the state, whose requested relief includes seeding a superfund for restitution to victims of judicial corruption, you can examine it from the hyperlinks on our “Latest News” webpage, accessible from our website’s top panel. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Elena Sassower, Director
Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA)

PS -- Here’s the link to the above “SPREAD THE WORD” alert as posted on our website: 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moreland Commission hearings on tap, seeking speakers

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mom suspecting abuse by girl's father wins case against DCS

Posted: Sep 03, 2013 10:17 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 03, 2013 10:30 PM EDT

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The National Association Of CPS Defense Attorneys N.A.C.D.A.

As most of my regular readers already know, I get sidetracked fast!

Then I forget how I got where I wound up, and it's usually an amazing site that I found..

Well, I happy to report it happened again tonite...

I was looking for one thing, and BAMMMMNNNN there it was something else of awesome value..

So here it is, I decided to share it with the readers of this commintiy because this is where this kind of information will be the most helpful..

The name of the list is..

The National Association Of Defence Attorneys...


Here is the name of the actual FB page..

The National Association of CPS Defense Attorneys...N.A.C.D.A.


It is a list of attornies according to each state that will help you fight for children abducted my child anything but ptotective services, now I have no affiliation with this group, nor have I personally checked out any of the attornies they've listed, yet in the short time I did spend on their main page and looking around, they seemed crediable enuff for me to add them to my blog, that's gotta say something, cuz it's highly unlike me to just add anyone to my links, or to post about just anyone or anything..

If you'd like to check the page out, they have much more to it than this one link.. I just wanted to get this link out here on my page before I got distracted again (Thanks TBI & PTSD - I forget things so fast), and I knew it was important..

I hope it helps at least one person.. nah that's a lie, I hope it helps MANY!