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I started this blog for my children

Our story is written as a Federal Law Suit, and an Article 78 (which is legaleze for when you sue a Judge) below on the right hand side.. and well as numerous Motions & Petitions.

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Don't shoot the messenger.. but guess what..

Many court rooms are corupted by some not so honest judges!

Innocent or not..

In the blink of an eye.. you can lose your kids, your life savings, your inheritance, your house and or your mind!

That's why I've continued to post to this blog because...

So many children are being destroyed by our wonderful system..

They've forced me to become a Child/Family and Civil Rights advocate/activist.

I should thank them for the education I got out of this!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government


23 Sep 2012

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Security firm to hold 'zombie crisis scenario' to prepare for brain-eating virus pandemic 16 Sep 2012 Forget the H1N1 pandemic. Could a future crisis arise from an outbreak of viruses that destroy brain cells and render people violently catatonic, like zombies? Next month, HALO Corp. will take over the 44-acre Paradise Point resort in the city's popular Mission Bay and create a series of terrorist scenarios, with immersive Hollywood sets including a Middle Eastern village and a pirates' haven... In the CDC's Preparedness 101 program, fictional zombies are used to drive home the message that Americans must be ready for any emergency -- even the kind that, hypothetically, could stem from a brain-eating virus pandemic. Zombies also star in a 40-page comic book the CDC published, a tongue-in-cheek take on the serious scenario of a mutated virus that quickly spreads as the government dispatches its military to maintain order while infectious disease specialists scour for a vaccine. Naturally, Navy Times got in on the fun, too, publishing a "zombie war deployment guide" in the Aug. 1, 2011, issue. [The *zombies* are those who pathetically attempt to invoke 'humor' to get US citizens acclimated to notion of the elimination of Posse Comitatus while pharma-terrorists attack us with pandemics and subsequent mercury-laden, squalene-filled vaccines.]

HALO Corp. to Train Military, Law Enforcement On Virus Outbreak: Zombie Apocalypse Training 17 Sep 2012 Security firm HALO Corp. announced yesterday that about 1,000 military personnel, police officials, medical experts and federal workers will learn the ins and outs of a zombie apocalypse, as part of an annual counter-terrorism summit, according to the Military Times. Visitors will learn to deal with a worldwide pandemic, where people become crazy, violent and fearful. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security reported that "the zombies are coming" as part of a hilarious bid to get citizens to prepare for a real disaster. The CDC has released similar statements using zombies as a playful guise to get the public prepared for [US lab-generated] actual disasters.

Police to 'patrol' Facebook, Google and Twitter for terrorists under EU plan --'Providers of chat boxes, email services, messaging systems, social networks, retailing sites, voice over internet protocol ad web forums must have flagging systems.' 21 Sep 2012 Police across Europe will "patrol" Facebook, Google and Twitter for postings supporting terrorism under an EU project detailed in a leaked report. Internet firms also face an array of new obligations to monitor their services for extremist material, according to a document about the "Clean IT" initiative seen by The Telegraph. "It must be legal for police officers to 'patrol' on social media. This includes having a profile, joining user groups, sending and receiving messages, on the platform," the document says. Officials are also preparing proposals for "semi automated detection" systems and buttons to allow users to report suspicious activity on social networks and chatrooms to authorities... The Office of Security and Counter Terrorism, a secretive Home Office unit, already maintains a blacklist of terrorist websites used in filtering software at universities, libraries and other public networks.

Terror laws: customs officials could take passengers' DNA 13 Sep 2012 Passengers could be forced to provide fingerprints and DNA samples against their will as they pass through airports, under planned changes to anti-terror laws. For the first time, customs officials and immigration officers would have the power to take mouth swabs or hair samples without a passenger's consent, the Home Office confirmed. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is proposing to reform existing powers that police and immigration officers have to stop and search anyone entering the UK, regardless of whether they are suspected terrorists. The government conceded that there were concerns that the sweeping powers were being "unfairly" applied to Muslims and other minorities.

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News [LOL, Israel 'teams with' the terror group. That's like saying oxygen 'teams with' hydrogen to make water. *Covalently bonded* is the term. --LRP] 09 Feb 2012 Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel's secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran's leaders. The group, the People's Mujahedin of Iran, has long been designated as a terrorist group by the United States, accused of killing American servicemen and contractors in the 1970s and supporting the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran before breaking with the Iranian mullahs in 1980. The attacks, which have killed five Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site, have been carried out in dramatic fashion, with motorcycle-borne assailants often attaching small magnetic bombs to the exterior of the victims' cars. The Iranians have no doubt who is responsible - Israel and the People's Mujahedin of Iran, known by various acronyms, including MEK, MKO and PMI.

Terror delisting the MEK is a cynical sham 22 Sep 2012 US officials leaked to several news outlets Friday an impending decision by the Obama administration that it intends to remove the Iranian dissident group Mujahadeen e-Khalq (MEK) from the treasury department's terror list. It is known for assassinating US diplomats, military personnel and others... The Iranian dissidents have plotted for years to be removed from the terror list. They enlisted numerous Republican and Democratic officials to lobby on its behalf. Instead of paying lobbying fees to them, it offered honoraria ranging from *10,000-*50,000 per speech to excoriate the US government for its allegedly shabby treatment of the MEK... The US delisting of the group is a sham. The Obama administration isn't even claiming the MEK has renounced terrorism. If it did, it knows that it's likely such a statement would rebound should the MEK's activities become exposed.

Iran: Siemens placed explosives in equipment to sabotage 23 Sep 2012 Iran has accused German industrial giant Siemens of placing small explosives in equipment that forms the backbone of the country's nuclear program. "The equipment was supposed to explode after being put to work, in order to dismantle all our systems," declared Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the security committee in Iran's parliament "But the wisdom of our experts thwarted the enemy conspiracy." He said the measures were intended to slow down the country's burgeoning nuclear program.

Iran finds spying device at Fordow: UK daily 23 Sep 2012 A British newspaper says Iran has discovered an electric monitoring device disguised as rock near the country's Fordow nuclear energy facility. The device was found by the members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who were checking on communications terminals at Fordow last month, Sunday Times reported citing western intelligence sources. The self-destructing device exploded when the IRGC members tried to move what they thought to be a rock.

U.S. stops 20 Iran officials attending U.N. assembly 22 Sep 2012 The United States has denied visas to about 20 Iranian government officials hoping to attend next week's United Nations General Assembly, including two ministers, Iran's Fars news agency reported on Saturday. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a regular at the assembly since he took office in 2005, will give his final speech there on Wednesday and will address a meeting on the "rule of law" on Monday. But of the 160-or-so visas requested by the Iranian delegation two months ago, about 20 were turned down, Fars said.

Iran's president arrives in New York for General Assembly session 23 Sep 2012 Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in the US city of New York at the head of a delegation to participate in the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The Iranian president was welcomed by Iran's Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Khazaei upon his arrival at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the 67th session of the General Assembly due on Wednesday and elaborate on the Islamic Republic’s stance on key international issues.

Ex-Blackwater Firm Will Teach Military Spies Self-Defense 21 Sep 2012 Now that the private security company formerly known as Blackwater is under new ownership, it's entering into a new partnership with the Defense Department. [That's change you can believe in!] The U.S. military's intelligence service is hiring the firm, along with five others, to train its operatives to defend themselves as they collect information in dangerous places. The Defense Intelligence Agency announced on Thursday evening it would award six private security companies a share of a ^20 million contract to provide "individual protective measures training courses" for its operatives. Among them is Academi, the 3.0 version of Blackwater, now under new ownership and management. It appears to be the first Blackwater/Academi contract with the military since a Blackwater "shell company" called Paravant held one to train Afghan policemen -- and used it to steal their guns for personal use, while posing as South Park characters to disguise their tracks.

5 killed, several injured in US terror drone strike in Pakistan 22 Sep 2012 At least five people have been killed and several others wounded in a US assassination drone attack in Pakistan's tribal area of North Waziristan. The attack took place in the Datta Khel area on Saturday when American terror drones targeted a vehicle with two missiles. The strike comes as Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar is in the United States for an official visit.

2 British soldiers die in Afghan war, MOD confirms 21 Sep 2012 The British Ministry of Defense (MOD) has confirmed that two British soldiers have died in separate incidents in southern Afghanistan. Friday's incidents bring the death toll for UK servicemen deployed in Afghanistan to 432, the BBC reported. The MOD said that neither of the deaths is thought to be the result of "hostile action" and investigations are underway.

US Soldiers on the Ground in Nepal 22 Sep 2012 Early this week, sixty-five American soldiers landed in Kathmandu and moved to Dhikurpokhari of Kaski district of Nepal. They are also travelling in Manang and Mustang districts bordering China's Tibet region. Ostensibly they are on a "humanitarian mission" of assessing the quality of healthcare services available to the local people... In reality, it looks like an advance reconnaissance party to evaluate the nature of local terrain and assess possible local cooperation to overcome logistical bottleneck in the event of Nepal’s occupation.

Ecuador mulls Assange transfer to Sweden 22 Sep 2012 Ecuador is considering asking Britain to authorise the transfer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to its embassy in Sweden so he can respond to sex crimes allegations there. Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino told reporters on Friday there were several possibilities to resolve the stand-off with Britain over Assange, including "that his statement be taken in our embassy in London or that Ecuador get authorisation to transfer him, if necessary, to our embassy in Sweden so that the case can proceed there with the protection of Ecuador and meeting the needs of Swedish justice".

Facilitate the false flags: Pentagon should take over nuclear plant security: lawmaker 21 Sep 2012 The Defense Department should take over security for U.S. nuclear weapons sites after a nuclear complex was broken into with ease in July by an 82-year-old nun and two other peace activists, a top lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives said on Friday. Mike Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services panel that oversees the Energy Department's nuclear weapons complex, has drafted legislation to put the U.S. military in charge of protecting facilities like the Y-12 complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. [Hey, Turner and all corporate welfare wh*res on Capitol Hill: Corpora-terrorists should fund their own 'security' at their deadly nuclear power plants - WHY should US taxpayers foot the bill?]

Swine flu vaccine linked to child narcolepsy: EU watchdog 21 Sep 2012 A swine flu vaccine used in 2009-10 is linked to a higher risk of the sleeping disorder narcolepsy in children and teens in Sweden and Finland, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said Friday. The EU agency studied the effects of the Pandemrix vaccine on children in eight European countries after Sweden and Finland reported higher incidences of narcolepsy among children who were inoculated with the vaccine during the swine flu pandemic in 2009 and 2010.

Mitt Romney releases 2011 tax returns, paid *1.9m in taxes on *13.7m in income --Romney's effective tax rate for 2011 was 14.1 percent, slightly higher than his rate in 2010 21 Sep 2012 Mitt Romney filed his 2011 tax returns today -- capping a difficult week by returning to the campaign a topic that has dogged the candidacy of the Republican presidential nominee - and is also releasing a 20-year snapshot of his tax returns. Romney's updated tax returns, which will be posted online in full at 3 p.m. EDT on Friday, show that he paid *1.9 million in taxes on *13.7 million in income, most of which came from his investments.

New England janitors overwhelmingly authorize strike 22 Sep 2012 Janitors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have voted overwhelmingly to authorize their leadership to call a strike against their employers over unfair labor practices committed by their employers... The janitors in SEIU Local 615 voted to authorize their leadership to call a strike, if necessary, to protest that they were met with threats and intimidation when the workers stood up for good jobs. Contract expiration takes place on September 30 and the janitors are mobilizing for better pay, more hours on the job and healthcare for workers. Show your support for the janitors.

Arctic ice shrinks 18% against record, sounding climate change alarm bells --Scientists and environment groups say the fall is unprecedented and the clearest signal yet of global warming 19 Sep 2012 Sea ice in the Arctic shrank a dramatic 18% this year on the previous record set in 2007 to a record low of 3.41m sq km, according to the official US monitoring organisation the National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Boulder, Colorado. Scientists and environment groups last night said the fall was unprecedented and the clearest signal yet of climate change... This year's sea ice extent was 700,000 sq km below the previous minimum of 4.17m sq km set in 2007.

Newborn giant panda cub dies at National Zoo 23 Sep 2012 The National Zoo's week-old giant panda cub was found dead Sunday morning, the zoo announced. The zoo said keepers heard "distressed vocalizations" from the female giant panda, Mei Xiang, at about 9:17 a.m. Sunday, and realized "this is not right, this is not good," said zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson... Zookeepers had been watching the cub closely since its birth because of the extreme hot weather at the time and because its mother had been moving him about their outdoor exhibit instead of keeping him in a nest box, as would be expected, the zoo said.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

UPDATE: Law Enforcement Sources Identify Girl Killed at Staten Island Railway Station


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The last thing she said on Twitter was, "I can't, I'm done, I give up."
And as a westbound train was pulling into the Huguenot Staten Island Railway station Wednesday afternoon, witnesses saw the 15-year-old Tottenville High School student saying, "Finally it's here," before jumping in front of it.

The girl -- who sources identified as Felicia Garcia -- was taken via ambulance to Staten Island University Hopital, Princes' Bay, where she was pronounced dead. An MTA spokeswoman confirmed her death Wednesday night, stating that the agency would conduct a joint investigation with the NYPD into its circumstances.

On Wednesday night, her death had sent ripples through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where teens sent out "rest in peace" messages and railed that she had been pushed to the edge by bullying. Law enforcement sources said they'll investigate to see what, if any, role bullying played in her death.

The scene unfolded shortly after 3 p.m., on a Huguenot train platform crowded with teens and pre-teens headed home from school.

Kayla Gonzalez, 14, and Nicole Messina, 13, both Huguenot residents and students at Paulo Intermediate School, said they saw Miss Garcia on the platform, her hair disheveled and in front of her face, looking upset.

"She kept asking everyone, 'When does the train come," Miss Gonzalez recounted. Then, as it approached, she turned around and dropped her bag and her phone, "Finally it's here," they recalled.

Miss Garcia then jumped backwards into the train's path, in what Miss Gonzalez described as "some kind of flip."

According to one passenger who phoned the Advance after the incident, the platform was crowded with students coming home from school as the train approached.
The passenger said he "heard a scream and everything stopped."

News of her apparent suicide sent immediate ripples through before her family had even heard what had happened.

Margarita Pabon, who identified herself as Miss Garcia's maternal aunt, said the girl's parents had died and she was living in a foster home. Ms. Pabon said she was contacted by the foster agency, and heard what happened through Facebook, but was still trying to get official word from police Wednesday night.
"I just don't want to believe it," Ms. Pabon said.

Her death comes roughly 10 months after 15-year-old Amanda Cummings was fatally injured after jumping in front of a city bus on Hylan Boulevard. Miss Cummings' family members maintain she was bullied and tormented by her peers, but police and law enforcement sources said they could find no evidence that bullying played any role in her death.

Miss Garcia wrote out her last tweet on Tuesday. On Wednesday night, several others repeated her words on their own Twitter feeds, writing messages like, "The saddest part about this tweet is that no one knew she actually meant it."

Miss Gonzalez said that she had seen several of her friends discussing the death on Instagram.
She said she had spent time with Miss Garcia, describing her as happy and good-spirited.

"She was like an outgoing person. She was always happy and I've bever really see her misearble,"

Miss Gonzalez said. "She was one of those girls who always wanted to party, like nothing really ever stopped her.

City Department of Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said the school system had gotten word of the incident, and confirmed that Chancellor Dennis Walcott had reached out to the girl's legal guardian.

The MTA suspended train service between the Eltingville and Tottenville stations in both directions as police investigated, and resumed service by 4:15 p.m. Several detectives spoke to teenagers on the scene, and conducted interviews outside the hospital's emergency room.

The incident occurred at the same platform where 18-year-old Kyle Jensen jumped in front of a train in an apparent suicide almost exactly two years ago.

-- Advance staffer Michael Sedon contributed to this report.

P.S. My three cents..

As I read this, my heart broke in a zillion places!

Dear Lord,

I know this little girl is with her mom and dad again.. next year.. let her know this story tore my heart out.. and I wished I could have helped her; but I didn't even know her...

Although I've been inches from where she was yesterday, in my mind because of the kidnapping of my babies; I can't imagine what kind of head-space she was in...

RIP Felicia!

P.P.S. I want to help children like this, BEFOFRE it's to late.. guys, girls, if you need help contact me!

UPDATE: http://www.silive.com/southshore/index.ssf/2012/10/friends_of_staten_island_teen.html

Tragic teen may have been bullied over sexual encounter

Several alluded to the allegations of intense bullying — possibly occasioned by a purported tryst between Miss Garcia and members of the school’s varsity football team — and slurs such as “slut,” “fat” and “ugly.”

The torment gnawed at Miss Garcia, they said.

“On Tuesday, in the school hallway, she broke down and was crying,” said friend Angelica Esposito, 14.

“That’s the only time I ever saw her cry,” said Taylor Hackett, 15, of Huguenot.

Said Alissa Compitello, 17, of Huguenot, “She told me she was upset but I never thought something like this would happen.

“She made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. But you are supposed to learn from your mistakes not die for them.”

Palma said he has raised $5,000 from selling candles, while Miss Compitello plans on selling bracelets. Along with Mariah Alimossy, 16, of Annadale, they plan to use the proceeds toward funeral costs and to create a foundation in Miss Garcia’s name to help prevent suicide and combat bullying.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Judicial Corruption is Invisible


We all would like to believe that, as when we were children in a family, there is in our society a final authority to whom we can turn in case we are seriously wronged. We are not predisposed to believe the accusers of the judicial process any more than the detractors of Santa Claus.

Perhaps critics are merely sore losers or angry convicts, and perhaps judicial misconduct would be exposed by appeals courts or the mass media, and corrected.

Why guess our way without the facts?

Such pre-dispositions held by many otherwise educated adults allow pervasive institutional corruption of the judicial branch to remain hidden.

Judicial corruption is invisible to citizens, because lawyers are trained and motivated to deny and cannot safely speak of it, because mass media corporations agree with judicial prejudice and live in fear of judicial whims, because non-lawyers cannot obtain the facts without prohibitive cost and effort, and because the infantile myth of judicial salvation has broad appeal and is propagated as an opiate by the mass media. Judicial corruption is discovered by those of its victims willing to do years of tedious research, and only they will speak of it..........................

Friday, October 19, 2012

Global Efforts To Solve An Ongoing Financial Crisis

Iceland forces debt forgiveness: total us media blackout

ICELAND FORCES DEBT FORGIVENESS: TOTAL US MEDIA BLACKOUT – “When Debt Is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness is the last and only remedy” Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. / TDP BLACKLISTED [Alert]
Finally serious economists are considering a position I have been maintaining and writing about since the 2008 financial meltdown. Whatever its name— erasure, repudiation, abolishment, cancellation, jubilee—debt forgiveness, will have to eventually emerge forefront in global efforts to solve an ongoing systemic financial crisis.
The US Rothschild Controlled Media (RCM) has completely BLACKED OUT/CENSORED any news about Iceland’s DEBT FORGIVENESS.

If you Google “ICELAND FORGIVES ENTIRE POPULATION OF MORTGAGE DEBT” you will get ‘About 359,000 Results’. Not one of them is a Media Outlet in the US. Not one single Major or Minor news outlet in America has mentioned a single word about this story.

This is TOTAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP and a TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT, and it should tell you who owns and runs the Media in America.

BANKERS. Foreign Bankers.

We are allowed to see a tortured, bleeding, dying Gaddafi anywhere, but we are not allowed to know about Debt Forgiveness.

If you Google “DEBT FORGIVENESS” About 1 million 850 results. Not one of them talks about forgiving debt. Okay, 1 does.
But still, out of over a million and a half results.

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA totally censors anything to do with Debt Forgiveness.

The government of Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt for much of its population. This nation chose a very different way of stopping the crisis from the rest of European countries. It decided to hear the requests of the population and to put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused three years after their financial excesses would sank one of the most prosperous economies in 2008.

Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population. Putting Bankers and Politicians on “Bench of Accused”
This is awesome. It shows when the people DO STAND UP they have more power and win against the corrupt bankers and politicians of a country. Iceland is forgiving and erasing the mortgage debt of the population.

They are putting the bankers and politicians on the “Bench of the Accused.” Which means I assume they are putting them on trial for corruption.

Now the rest of people of the world need to start doing the same thing. We all need to stand up and against all the corruption and fraud of the banks and politicians that are puppets of the banks and corporations.

The beauty of it is that they will have a load of cash to circulate into the economy and into service industries etc…instead of feeding it to the parasite bankers and out of the economy, great idea. If it was warmer I’d move to Iceland.

For Whom The Bell Tolls:

This could very well be the first chime of many to signal the Death of the World Banking System headed by our ‘good’ friends the Rothschild’s.

Iceland Strikes the First Major Blow Against the World Banking (Fraud) Cartel. This is what can immediately put money into the hands of many American’s.

The US Government through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA own 96% of all bad housing loans. Many have stated, that in effect,
“The US Government is Foreclosing on itself.” This is the very definition of Insanity. It is a form of Suicide.

Major Banks only hold 3% of bad housing loans, 3%!

This is not a banking problem, it is a Government problem, they hold the loans!

We were just about to do a story on America foreclosing on itself when this article came across our computer.

Times have just gotten brighter.

This is Awesome, News!

The Title says it all:

The True Democracy Party now calls for Nation-Wide Mortgage Debt Forgiveness!

“Who is with US?!”

Endgame: When Debt Is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness Is the Last and Only Remedy

Charles Hugh-Smith from Of Two Minds.

Today I present an important guest essay by long-time contributor Zeus Yiamouyiannis, who suggests that when debt is essentially fraudulent, then debt forgiveness is both the logical and the only remedy.

Endgame: When Debt is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness is the last and Only Remedy, by Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., copyright 2011.


Finally serious economists are considering a position I have been maintaining and writing about since the 2008 financial meltdown. Whatever its name— erasure, repudiation, abolishment, cancellation, jubilee—debt forgiveness, will have to eventually emerge forefront in global efforts to solve an ongoing systemic financial crisis.

“On a grand scale the only way to erase counterfeit money and (counterfeit) assets of hundreds of trillions of dollars is to erase the debts associated with those fake assets. (Let me underscore again, these are not “toxic” assets, they are fake assets.)… Forgiveness in general, and forgiveness of debt in particular, stand as virtues if they free us up to acknowledge, address, and learn from our culpability, start anew, and create forward.” (The Big Squeeze, Part 3: The Quiet Rebellion: Civil Disobedience, Local Markets, and Debt Erasure (January 29, 2011)
Debt forgiveness, therefore, accomplishes two important things. It eliminates the increasing and outsized portion of productive enterprise to pay off unproductive obligations, and it clears the ground for new opportunities, new thinking, invention, and entrepreneurialism. This is why the ability to declare bankruptcy is so essential in the pursuit of both happiness and innovation.

Currently we are mired in a “new normal” and calls for “austerity” which are nothing more than the delusional efforts of a status quo to avoid the consequences of its own error and fraud and to profit evermore. So bedazzled by the false wealth created by debt multiplication and its concomitant fantasy of ever-higher returns, this status quo continues to be stupidly amazed that people are not spending and that the economy is not picking up. But how could it be otherwise?

Productive wealth has been trapped in a web of parasitic theft, counterfeiting, liability evasion, non-regulation, and prosecutorial non-accountability. All the fundamental attributes of a functioning exchange economy have been warped to reward creative criminals. I spoke extensively about this in my posts from 2008. (Imaginary Worth, Empire of Debt: How Modern Finance Created Its Own Downfall (October 15, 2008)

The unsustainable nature of debt

Two observations: 1) Fabricated/parasitic so-called “wealth” destroys value by diluting the value of productive wealth. 2) Debt/credit that cannot be paid back is never an asset and is always a hot-potato liability (needing to be foisted to a greater fool to garner “profit” and transaction fees):

“The models [modern debt are] based upon had no contact with reality. They assumed unlimited growth and ability to pay. When matched against the reality of people paying ten times their salary for mortgages that actually added more money owed to their principal (i.e. with negative amortization), required no money down, and set up “balloon payments,” large step-ups in payments after a few years) there is no possible way they could NOT default in a predictable span of time.” (Part II: How the Credit Default Swap Scam Works (October 13, 2008)
Systemically, all debt that charges a percentage (“usury”) originates in delusion. Debt grows exponentially indefinitely, growth (income and otherwise) cannot. This leads to a widening condition where the fruits of productive “growth” devoted to interest payments increase until those fruits are entirely consumed. (The Elephant In The Room: Debt Grows Exponentially, While Economies Only Grow In An S-Curve (Washington’s Blog)

Once this happens, stores of wealth (hard assets) begin to be cannibalized to make up for the difference. You see this in Greece with its sale of public assets to private companies, and in middle-class America where people are liquidating retirement accounts to pay for their cost of living.

This problem is compounded by a private Federal Reserve that lends money into circulation at interest, and then allows the multiplication of this consumer debt-money liability through fractional reserve banking. The money in circulation today could pay only a small fraction of the total private and public debt. That fact alone is evidence of a kind of systemic fraud. “If you just work hard enough, save, and make sensible decisions, you can get out of debt” could only physically work for a bare fraction of the population, given the money-to-debt ratio. The rest would have to simply default to clear the boards.

This is why debt forgiveness makes not only moral but rational, mathematical sense. Finances require balancing to be coherent. There must be some way to redress systemic imbalance. One has to be able to “zero the scales” to get an accurate weight of value and to re-establish healthy value creation.

Voices in the debate

Some analysts are beginning to see the forest through the trees in terms of debt forgiveness. Steve Keen, Australian economist and current deflationist, and Michael Hudson, American economic contrarian and prescient essayist, are both using clear-sighted reality-based financial analysis to debunk accounting games that obscure the untenable debt situation and to call for debt forgiveness.

How can selling sovereign assets and imposing austerity on Greek citizens (taking money out of their hands through higher taxes and lower benefits) do anything other than hollow out value and contract the Greek economy in the face of a deep global recession? Michael Hudson: It can’t. Greece’s debt needs to be written off.

“It seems unreasonable and unrealistic to expect that large sectors of the New European population can be made subject to salary garnishment throughout their lives, reducing them to a lifetime of debt peonage… (T)he only way to resolve it is to negotiate a debt write-off…” (The Coming European Debt Wars: EU Countries sinking into Depression (Michael Hudson, Global Research, April 9, 2010)

(“[We’ll Have] a Never-Ending Depression Unless We Repudiate the Debt, Which Never Should Have Been Extended In The First Place” (Washington’s Blog)
Why isn’t “quantitative easing” and flooding the U.S. economy with debt-money working to prime borrowing and lending? Steve Keen: Because the money is going into deleveraging in a time of overextension:

“Bernanke is throwing (a) trillion dollars into the system. Rather than that leading to ten trillion dollars of additional credit money, creating the inflation people are expecting, that trillion dollars is all that goes in, and people deleveraging actually reduce their level of spending by more than a trillion dollars by trying to pay their debt down, and it cancels out what the government is trying to do… We need a 21st century jubilee.” (On the Edge with . . . Steve Keen (Max Keiser, video)

Other well-known commentators are not seeing the debt forest at all. In their contentious debates over deflation and inflation, neither Rick Ackerman nor Gonzalo Lira seem to be aware of the overwhelmingly fraudulent nature of present global debt– including the 600 to 1,000 trillion dollars of fabricated notional wealth represented by the derivatives markets, fraudclosure, and a host of other sources.

Rick Ackerman: “’Ultimately, every penny of every debt must be paid — if not by the borrower, then by the lender.’ Inflationists and deflationists implicitly agree on this point… and we differ only on the question of who, borrower or lender, will take the hit.” (Let’s Think This Through Together….)

I posted a pithy response in the comment section:

“Both Rick and Gonzalo left out the obvious third way–debt forgiveness. No… debt does not have to be paid by someone; it can be absolved, especially debt created upon fraudulent and/or counterfeit-ridden practice… (D)erivatives are not real wealth, and neither was the ostensible climb in the values of housing resting in large part on those phony-wealth derivatives.

The only “real wealth” here revolves around ability to produce real and needed goods (to allow us to survive), and the ability to create something that increases one’s quality of life (to promote our thriving). Precious little of the present global economy involves either one of these. Yeah, if we use FASB standards and Goldman Sachs accounting, we can pretend our worthless junk is all really simply very rare, “unique condition” collectibles worth trillions of dollars.

I’ve got a better idea. Take our financial junk out of the global attic in boxes, put them out on the front lawn, and see if anyone wants to pay a few bucks for the various items, give away the leftovers to anyone interested passing on the sidewalk, and recycle, donate, or dispose of the rest. It’s a moving sale, and if our economy is going to get moving, maybe we ought to have one.” (Zeus Yiamouyiannis April 6, 2011 at 4:11 pm)

How it might play out?

This subtle debt extortion creates a system of never-ending debt-slavery for a vast majority of the population. When this “manageable” slavery is aggravated by a desire to use hardship to extort ever greater assets from the overburdened at ever cheaper prices (what Naomi Klein calls “disaster capitalism”), by open and unapologetic widespread fraud, and by the unjust offloading of risk and liability to taxpayers who had nothing to do with poor decisions of private banks, then the systemic abuse is revealed in the daily lives of citizens.

Debt creates scarcity, which stimulates fear, which drives manic competition, which favors opportunism, collusion, and concentrations of power, which translates to abuse, which results in a collapse of legitimacy for the economic system. Overreach causes a breaking point, and we are getting close to it. Will the response be warfare, taxpayer revolt, political upheaval, mass default, debt forgiveness, something other, some combination? I have predicted pockets of violence would be mixed with some softer combination of taxpayer revolt, mass default, political upheaval, and debt forgiveness, along with a return to community exchange to meet basic needs. (The Big Squeeze, Part 3: The Quiet Rebellion: Civil Disobedience, Local Markets, and Debt Erasure (January 29, 2011)

This possibility of epic reprisal may very well compel banks to come to the table around debt forgiveness to avoid violent backlash and criminal prosecution, even over preserving their gravy train companies. The bitter irony of these companies and their galloping greed is that they ended up victimizing each other by selling junk to each other and extracting all the real value in salary and bonuses. Their assets rest on notional values, that when unmasked would drive each into immediate insolvency. They have simply been scam artists, producing little value and extracting mountains of money.

What might this look like? Looking at present trends and using the very useful framework of Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief, it might go something like this…

Average debtor:

1) Denial: Liquidate savings to pay for over-priced house and cost of living.

2) Anger and fear: Exhaust resources, experience want, compounded by austerity measures.
3) Bargaining: Attempt to negotiate with bank through HAMP and other mechanisms to lower payments. Banks don‘t bite and even have incentives to foreclose.
4) Depression: Lose/default on the house and move in with family or cheap rental.
5) Find out life is better without being a debt slave and spend more time with community and the ones you love.


1) Denial: Collect 144 billion in bonuses after financial collapse and laugh as not a single trading day loss arises for zombie TBTF banks completely subsidized by governments.
2) Anger: Express false righteousness, indignation, and hubris over even modest/toothless demands/regulations attempted to be placed on them by governments. Exhibit sadistic zeal at being able to simply claim you own and liquidate properties they have no clear title to.
3) Bargaining: Experience dawning awareness that may have just cooked your own gooses as strategic defaults skyrocket, populist demands to prosecute fraudclosure gain traction, and quantitative easing ad infinitum dwindles and fails to keep stock prices artificially aloft. Improvise panicked attempts to “be reasonable” and actually negotiate, once the asset and money flow well runs dry.
4) Depression: Contemplate and realize possible bankruptcy by big banks. Retreat to the Hamptons to hire criminal defense lawyers, contemplate empty life, and shoulder the abuse of media and contempt of a global citizenry.
5) Acceptance: Trying to regain “good guy” status and avoid criminal prosecution by agreeing to be part of debt forgiveness.

Once defaults happen in increasing numbers and certain asset prices plunge (i.e. real estate), what will initially look like a bonanza for capitalist parasites could easily get out of hand, with people either unable or unwilling to buy inventory even at greatly reduced prices. Profits would tank at banks, liabilities would skyrocket even with most of it transferred to government guarantee. Because no one plays the game anymore, banks could go under as well, as people rise to vote out bank-friendly politicians and simply refuse to pay. This unraveling could easily force exposure of the notional value of derivatives in banks as worthless, meaning they are as bankrupt as the people they exploited. At this point, there will be a common desire and need to simply “forgive” the debts and try to find some way to distribute these empty homes.


Debt forgiveness simply calls out either the inherent systemic inability to make good on debts or the recognition that debt was produced through fraudulent means. In the present situation, both conditions obtain. There has likely been no point in world history where debt forgiveness has been so comprehensively merited. The only speculation from my point (barring world-wide global feudalism and external debt slavery) is whether we will initiate such forgiveness or be forced into it.

Thank you, Zeus, for this prescient and insightful analysis of debt and debt renunciation. The Kondratieff Cycle can only turn to spring after debt renunciation completes the winter cycle. Let’s stop pretending we’re still in summer, and that the Fed’s puny “quantitative easing” and monetary cargo-cult machinations can reverse the seasons.


*******MEDIA BLACKLIST*******

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-IMF urges authorities to consider debt forgiveness to restore growth
Monday, April 16th, 2012
The IMF said the lessons showed that “policies can help avert self-reinforcing cycles of household defaults, further house price declines, and additional contractions in output” and made a case “for government involvement to lower the cost of restructuring debt, facilitate the writing down of household debt, and help prevent foreclosures”.
***Source: wordpress.com***

[...] The government of Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt for much of its population. This nation chose a very different way of stopping the crisis from the rest of European countries. It decided to hear the requests of the population and to put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused three years after their financial excesses would sank one of the most prosperous economies in 2008.Source: truedemocracyparty.net [...]
***Source: truedemocracyparty.net***

-Mortgage Debt Forgiveness by Howard Knight
Since the housing bust of 2007, many homes in various parts of the country are upside down on their loans. This happens when owners owe more debt than what the house can be sold for. This forces owners to stay and try to recover their paper loss over time or sell it at a loss and pay the remaining mortgage balance to the bank. Some people have restructured their mortgage loans which forgives part of their debt. And others have turned in their keys to the bank and walked out of their mortgage crisis.
***Source: deafnetwork.com***

-The Tax Consequences of Debt Forgiveness
Let’ s say the Smiths, like so many American homeowners, find themselves unable to afford their mortgage. They reach out to their lender and after jumping through numerous hoops, filling out countless forms and getting a buyer on the hook, the bank agrees to release its lien and approve their short sale. The Smiths owed $500,000 on their mortgage but the bank agreed to accept a sale price of $400,000 and forgive the remaining $100,000 balance. Great news right? Yes and no. Of course, it’s positive that the Smiths were able to avoid foreclosure and move on with their lives, but thanks to the 1099-C and the IRS, they have a surprise waiting when tax time comes around. Their taxable income just increased $100,000 (the amount forgiven by the bank). Even though the Smiths never pocketed this money, despite the fact that the loan proceeds were used entirely to finance the purchase of their home, the tax man will count the forgiven debt as income and send a bill.
***Source: yourcpapartners.com***

-Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 to Expire Soon.
Once an escrow has been opened there are several phases of the title company’s involvement in the transaction. The first step is the issuance of the PR which is submitted to the buyer for review and approval. Many buyers have no idea what to look for in a Preliminary Report and will look to their real estate agent for guidance. The items set forth in the PR can be divided into: (1) normal items such as taxes, encumbrances which the seller is going to pay off, CC&R’s if applicable, and public utility easements; and (2) “red flag” items such as abstracts of judgment, tax liens, child support orders, private easements, and covenants regarding public improvements. As to all questionable items, copies of the underlying documents should be ordered from the title company. Real estate agents should not hold themselves out as authorities on complex title issues and should refer the client to the title officer to answer questions regarding the PR and should urge the client to consult a private attorney if any questions have not been answered to their satisfaction. The next step in the process is to “clean up” the title if necessary. This involves getting appropriate assurances that any liens, judgments or other monetary encumbrances will be removed prior to the close of escrow. Sometimes the seller is “upside down” and the monetary encumbrances exceed the seller’s equity in the property. It is imperative that a seller who knows that there is insufficient equity include a short pay contingency in the RPA-CA by incorporating a Short Sale Addendum (“SSA”). This provision is designed for sellers who are “upside down” in the property to the extent that the proceeds of the sale will be inadequate to pay off existing encumbrances. This clause makes the close of escrow contingent upon the lien holders agreeing to reduce their pay off requirements enough to allow the seller to close without bringing money into escrow and without reducing the costs of sale including real estate commissions. Thus this clause protects brokers as well as the seller. Without a “short pay” contingency a seller who cannot persuade his lenders to reduce their demands will be in breach of the RPA-CA by virtue of his inability to deliver clear title free and clear of all monetary encumbrances. As long as the property is being sold for fair market value the lender will usually agree to the short pay since the alternative is to foreclose and perhaps end up with the property on their books which is very disadvantageous from a banking standpoint. Sellers finding themselves in this position need to consult with a tax professional since, among other things, the forgiveness of any debt by a lender may be deemed to be taxable income. They may qualify for relief from any tax consequences under the Debt Relief Act of 2007 or the insolvency provisions of Section 108 of the Internal Revenue Code, however these provisions may apply to any given situation and it is imperative that they get professional advice from a qualified tax expert and under no circumstance should a real estate agent give such advice.

-Nonprofit grassroots movement seeks student loan debt forgiveness
“Forgiving student loan debt would have an immediate stimulating effect on the economy,” Applebaum said. “Responsible people who did nothing other than pursue a higher education would have hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars per month to spend, fueling the economy now. Those extra dollars being pumped into the economy would have a multiplying effect, unlike many of the provisions of the new stimulus package. As a result, tax revenues would go up, the credit markets will unfreeze and jobs will be created.”
***Source: unews.com***

-Mortgage Debt Forgiveness
We have to do something to stop the foreclosures from continuing. The more the foreclosures, the lower the housing prices will be and the longer this mess continues. It is a moral dilemma. Lessening the principle amount on mortgages that are far higher than what the home is now worth will help stabilize the housing market and keep foreclosures at bay. This whole economic mess was started because of the governmental regulations that were shoved down everyone’s throat, that all American’s deserve a home of their own whether they could pay for it or not. These toxic loans were the impetus that threw our economy into a tailspin. No matter how the government tries to put all the blame on Wall Street, the major blame is on the liberal democrats of the early 90′s and their socialistic goals. But, putting the blame game aside, we are all in this mess and something has to be done. I would like to hear about what the other methods to take care of this problem are. Or maybe, we will all have to bite the bullet and give “Principle Forgiveness” to every homeowner whose home is underwater and modify their loans. Of course, then the banks will be clamoring for more bailouts. You would think with all these so-called “economic and financial experts” they would be able to come up with some way to get us back on track. One way I am sure will work is to never elect an OBAMA like President again. We elected someone who knew NOTHING about finances, running a country, foreign affairs, the importance of using our own natural energy resources, about being a President to ALL Americans, how to be a real leader and take responsibility for the Country and his decisions, instead of continually blaming someone else, how to get Americans to work again, and basically to be the Leader of the Free World. His only qualifications were to get and retain people on the reliance of the government and poking at the great wound of our Country by rekindling a race war. It is time to get someone who knows how to put people to work, who knows about finances and who has had a real job and been quite successful at it. We need a new Senate that can actually pass a budget – and we wonder why the government is so far in debt?! This November, ask yourself, “Are you really better off than 4 years ago? Is our Country better off than it was 4 years ago?”
***Source: firedream.com***

-Debt Forgiveness and Mortgages
There are a significant number of options for people who are dealing with credit card debt and require alternative options beyond standard payment plans because of a drastic change in their financial strength and many consumers have been impacted severely as well by issues of high mortgage payments, underwater mortgages and exorbitant interest rates. For the most part people who have sought debt relief have had a few options but one of the biggest issues for many people as the economy has struggled to recover is a persistent problem regarding a mortgage.

-DeMarco Warns of the Dangers of Large
Comments are subject to approval and moderation. We remind everyone that The Heritage Foundation promotes a civil society where ideas and debate flourish. Please be respectful of each other and the subjects of any criticism. While we may not always agree on policy, we should all agree that being appropriately informed is everyone’s intention visiting this site. Profanity, lewdness, personal attacks, and other forms of incivility will not be tolerated. Please keep your thoughts brief and avoid ALL CAPS. While we respect your first amendment rights, we are obligated to our readers to maintain these standards. Thanks for joining the conversation.
***Source: heritage.org***

-Tax Tips: 10 Tips for Mortgage Debt Forgiveness
10. Examine the Form 1099-C carefully. Notify the lender immediately if any of the information shown is incorrect. You should pay particular attention to the amount of debt forgiven in Box 2 as well as the value listed for your home in Box 7.

***Source: patch.com***


My Two Cents, I have been unable to deny ot confirm all of the above information. However, the person who sent it to me is a very reliable source- so here it is to do what you will with it...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Court Strikes Down DOMA

Just hours ago, a federal appeals court ruled that the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) unconstitutionally discriminates against married same-sex couples.

It's a big win for Edie Windsor who, with the help of the ACLU and the cooperating law firm of Paul, Weiss, Wharton & Garrison LLP, sued the federal government for failing to recognize her marriage to her partner Thea Spyer, after Spyer's death in 2009.

In striking down DOMA, the court held that government discrimination against lesbians and gay men is now assumed to be unconstitutional. This is a huge victory — and it would never have been possible without Edie Windsor.

Send a message of thanks to Edie Windsor for her persistence in challenging the injustice of DOMA. 

Edie and Thea were a couple for 44 years, were married in Canada in 2007, and were considered married by their home state of New York.

But, when Thea left all of her property to Edie, the federal government said that Edie had to pay more than $360,000 in estate taxes. Married couples are exempt from those taxes.

But, DOMA treats couples like Edie and Thea as if they are strangers. Today, the court ruled there is no good reason for that kind of treatment. And, for the first time, a federal appeals court has
applied the more exacting "heightened scrutiny" standard to judicial review of government discrimination against gay people.

Tell Edie Windsor how proud you are of the giant step towards equality that she won with today's ruling.

This isn't the end of the story. Edie Windsor has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear her case. The court has not yet decided whether to hear her case, or any of several other challenges to DOMA.

With your support, the ACLU will keep working until we totally break the hold that DOMA has over people's lives. Thank you for standing with us as we move closer and closer to that day.


James Esseks
Director, ACLU LGBT Project

Support Equal Custody

I received the note below this morning and was asked to pass it on..

The title was, A New Message About: I got an answer..............................

It was a Message From The Cause: Support Equal Custody

Posted By Ray Lautenschlager (Cause Founder)

So here ya go.. Consider it passed on..

It was admitted to me today that the Ohio Child Support Review Council is not made up of statutorily required members.

When Ohio law is specific as to what the composition of this Council is to be and that law is not followed, the public trust has been broken. (ORC 3119.024) Is specific on who can be appointed to this Council.

It does not say someone that they FEEL (Brian's words) is knowledgeable and can represent that obligors and obliges, it says that the Council is to contain an actual obligor and an actual oblige.

The law is also specific in that the Council is to contain a judge, not a magistrate, a judge. Serpil Ergun is Magistrate within the Cuyahoga Country Domestic Relations Court, not an elected judge as by law. http://links.causes.com/s/clEdV5?r=rQoZ

P.S. If you are or were a follower of my original Blog www.DisgustedWithTheSystem.BlogSpot.com please follow me here instead. That blog is being dismantled and in its place will be this blog - names- because it's very important to one of my children!