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I started this blog for my children

Our story is written as a Federal Law Suit, and an Article 78 (which is legaleze for when you sue a Judge) below on the right hand side.. and well as numerous Motions & Petitions.

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Don't shoot the messenger.. but guess what..

Many court rooms are corupted by some not so honest judges!

Innocent or not..

In the blink of an eye.. you can lose your kids, your life savings, your inheritance, your house and or your mind!

That's why I've continued to post to this blog because...

So many children are being destroyed by our wonderful system..

They've forced me to become a Child/Family and Civil Rights advocate/activist.

I should thank them for the education I got out of this!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

An open letter to abusers from one of my fans..

A while back a woman named Lisa contacted me because she is also an abuse survivor and found my blog. She has given me permission to tell her story; which I plan on doing as soon as I can find enough time to go through it and sort out all the details. Until then she also sent me the open letter below to all men that abuse.

FYI, I personally know that it isn't just men that abuse, I know enuff women abusers that I'm feeling guilty even relaying her message below. Nonetheless, those that truly know me, know I'm not a sexist, and I also know that the open letter below could and should be for all abusers regardless of sex, age, race, or any of the other stuff abusers hide behind...

The email began; Louise, Its Lisa I wrote this tonight , please post on your blog, Thank you.

(To men that abuse)

Do you know that when you hurt me you were pushing me further away from you ...
Do you know you could of killed me our children would of attended my funeral
Do you know that you were never really bigger than me like you thought you were
Do you know you were never a real man at all
Do you know your children were watching you
Do you know you had no right to lay your hands on me
Do you know you are a poor example for our children
Do you know wounds heal I can still walk
Do you know I wont let you destroy me
Do you know I am free now
Do you know I am now on a journey in safety
Do you know I did not deserve to be sad
Do you know I am happy now why ? because I left you !
Written By Peace..
My two cents... the above was written by a woman, toward men. I'm not sure if she is aware that women can and are just as if not worse abusers than any man. However, she asked me to post this and here it is. I just wanted to stick my three cents in here and say to all of the abusive women out there that this applies to you as well... whether your abuse is overt or covert, physical or emotional.

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