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I started this blog for my children

Our story is written as a Federal Law Suit, and an Article 78 (which is legaleze for when you sue a Judge) below on the right hand side.. and well as numerous Motions & Petitions.

Use the magnifying symbol to enlarge the documents for easier reading.

Don't shoot the messenger.. but guess what..

Many court rooms are corupted by some not so honest judges!

Innocent or not..

In the blink of an eye.. you can lose your kids, your life savings, your inheritance, your house and or your mind!

That's why I've continued to post to this blog because...

So many children are being destroyed by our wonderful system..

They've forced me to become a Child/Family and Civil Rights advocate/activist.

I should thank them for the education I got out of this!

Don't miss the videos at the bottom of the page.. of Senator Sampson holding hearings on corruption within the N.Y. Court System!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Legal Abuse Syndrome

Most of my readers are familiar with my posts from my old blog "DisgustedWithTheSystem!"

Well due to someone I love dearly asking me to take down that blog, I agreed. We were able to come up with a solution, where I could still have a blog to help others, while at the same time I agreed not to have my children's names attached to it.Although I suggest anyone wanting to get back with their alienated children DO USE THEIR NAMES [as I did for 12 years] on a blog that will PROVE FACTS of what happened to seperate parent from child. There may come a point where the children have grown and you will have made your point clear..and perhaps reunited with the children..  then it may be time to move forward. That is where I am now...

I will redact all the 'personal info' off my old blog and repost it here... ASAP!

But until then, I don't want to keep information that's detrimental to parents fighting the system to myself. So here goes, my first post on my new blog!

Legal Abuse Syndrome (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeGdK2cvNY8) as told by Karin Huffer.

"Karin Huffer has discovered why many people leave a courtroom frustrated and sick. On Wednesday April 2, 2008 we presented a new program called FAMILY COURT - Part 2 - Dennis Grover and Michael Nance are joined on the phone by Stephen Baskerville author of TAKEN INTO CUSTODY and Karin Huffer author of LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME. Stephen shares his research into the atrocities of Family Court, where it came from and questionable tactics and implementations of its own rules that affect mostly children. Karin Huffer explores the foundation of Legal Abuse Syndrome and has proven that a constant negative result from any courtroom experience produces Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in litigants. Before you go to any court, understand that Justice is not a part of the equation and prepare yourself for the possibilities of being in a situation that is based in judge and attorney created rules rather than common sense. The full program is available at http://www.libertyandjusticeforall.tv/family_court2.htm $10.75 ppd. copying and sharing is encouraged."

I can say first hand that Legal Abuse Syndrome is as real as cancer- I am suffering from it as are 99.9% of the people who walk into, or out of, our Family Courts today are..

As promised my old blog will take on a new address (this one) and ASAP I will repost here the real importnat stuff I had there so that I can continue to help those that need the help!

The PTSD, I suffer from is directly due to the 10 years of hell.. I've gone through being abused by my ex husband and his political connections to the Panepinto's (Acting Supreme Court Judge barbara panepinto, & her husband former Catholic Charities Director and one time CYO director joseph panepinto, where my husband and her husband worked together for nearly 20 years in Richmond County.

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