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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Woman thought to be dead turns up alive after 30 years..

After a horrible custody battle with her husband over the children, she "had to get away from it all"

Betty Lukich, Phoenix Woman, Is Reunited With Family Who Believed She Was Dead For 30 Years

In 1981, Betty Lukich moved from Maine to Arizona after a messy divorce.

She left behind 12 siblings and four children, who eventually began believing that she had passed away.

But after more than 30 years, the Internet has reunited Lukich with her family, and Maine's Bangor Daily News reports that her 70th birthday this week will be spent at a family reunion with around 200 people.

When asked about her disappearance, Lukich told the Bangor Daily News, "I had to get away from it all."

She moved to Phoenix where she began work as a tractor-trailer driver and traveled the contiguous United States, ABC 15 reports.

When one of Lukich's brothers drunkenly told his sisters that he had buried Lukich in a marijuana field behind his house, they believed him.

“I was 12 the last time I saw her,” Lukich's daughter Donna Keniston, now 50, told the Bangor Daily News. “I thought she was dead."

Fortunately, Lukich was able to connect with cousins earlier this year, and those cousins put her in touch with her sisters and children.

When they learned Lukich was alive, her sister Mary Inman, 75, said, “We cried all day."
Last Sunday, the family reunited in person when Lukich flew to Maine for a month-long visit.

Three of her sisters, her daughter, and other relatives met for a tearful reunion for the first time in three decades.

My two cents: I almost understand this story, to some it may seem inconceivable to leave your own children & family without a trace; and that may be because you've never fought with a Psychopath, or a Malignant Narcissist a broken court system for custody of your children. It seems she chose a safe alternative to whatothers have done under the similar circumstances, either turn to drug, commit suicide, commit homicide, or  very, very, few of us.. have learned to fight back in a healthy way by learning the law and fighting fire with fire. However, that takes years & years & most simply cannot afford that kind of time, energy & efffort.

I will pray that this woman's family will forgive her, and perhaps they will find this blog and read all the links I have on the right hand side about adult healing from Narcissists, or Adult healing from PAS, or Adult healing from anykind of abuse! Although they probably don't see what they wen't through as abuse, there is no other word for it, and they have suffered horribly from it. Which will carry over into their adult relationships, and that I promise, or even guarentee!

Also take a look at www.NoItsNotPersonal.com, for more on what happens when these are the family dynamics in your family!

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