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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Machine Changes Obama to Romney

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government

06 Nov 2012

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CLG Newsletters blocked by rr.com, roadrunner.com, and adelphia.net Posted by Lori Price, www.legitgov.org 06 Nov 2012 For several days, CLG Newsletters are not reaching subscribers who use rr.com, roadrunner.com, and adelphia.net -- domains that have blocked and are currently blocking CLG's IP. Please contact your ISP and Time Warner Cable (contact info here) to share your thoughts on them censoring the CLG. I'm really sick of the censorship -- and the hours expended on it -- so if there is an attorney that would like to volunteer his/her services regarding this situation, please contact lori at legitgov dot org. Thank you.

Voting machine changes Obama to Romney 07 Nov 2012 Computer problems, as well as human ones, have drawn complaints across the US as millions of Americans go to the polls. One Pennsylvania voter highlighted a problem with voting machines on YouTube, complete with video, in which a touchscreen changed his choice from President Barack Obama to Republican Mitt Romney. "I initially selected Obama but Romney was highlighted," the man wrote. "I assumed it was being picky so I deselected Romney and tried Obama again, this time more carefully, and still got Romney." This was not the first allegation of foul-ups with electronic machines. In Ohio, some Republicans claimed machines were changing Romney votes to Obama, while Democrats accused Republican state officials of installing untested "experimental" software at the last minute.

New York and New Jersey help Sandy-hit residents vote in US election --Shuttle buses take the homeless and those without power to non-damaged polling stations as new storm approaches 06 Nov 2012 Residents of areas of New York and New Jersey that were left without power when Hurricane Sandy struck last week were on Monday being bused to non-damaged polling stations, in order to vote. Executive orders have been signed in both states to allow voters to cast their ballot at any booth, in an attempt to accommodate people who were forced out of their homes by the superstorm. Ernie Landante, a spokesman for the New Jersey Division of Elections, said: "We are doing everything we can in this extraordinary situation not to disenfranchise voters displaced by Sandy. Their voices and their votes will be heard no differently than anyone else's."

Security chiefs refused order from PM in 2010 to prepare military to strike Iran within hours if necessary, TV report says 04 Nov 2012 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered their security chiefs in 2010 to have the military ready to attack Iran's nuclear facilities within hours if necessary, but were rebuffed by the security chiefs, an Israeli TV investigate news program claimed on Sunday. The order to step up military readiness was given by Netanyahu and Barak to the then-chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Gabi Ashkenazi, and to the then-head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, at a meeting on an unspecified date, the report claimed. But Dagan reportedly retorted that the order, if followed, might lead to a war based on an illegal decision.

Billions more needed to refurbish B61 nuclear bombs --NNSA's internal agency bottom line for project in July had risen to *6.8 billion 04 Nov 2012 The National Nuclear Security Administration, already under fire for billions of dollars of cost overruns, has underestimated by billions more how much it will cost to refurbish the nation's stockpile of B61 nuclear bombs, according to an independent cost assessment commissioned by the agency. Already juggling its budget to cope with existing problems, the agency will likely need to come up with another $1 billion per year for the next few years if the project is to go ahead as currently envisioned, according to a summary of the assessment obtained by the Journal.

US sailors on Okinawa charged with gang rape, robbery 06 Nov 2012 Japanese authorities charged two U.S. Navy sailors Tuesday with gang r*ping and robbing an Okinawan woman outside Kadena Air Base last month, an incident that sparked a curfew for all U.S. servicemembers in the country. Seaman Christopher Browning and Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker, both 23, are accused of choking and raping the woman in a parking lot for nearly an hour Oct. 16, according to the Naha public prosecutor's office and police statements. Browning is also charged with stealing 7,000 yen (about *87) from the woman’s bag during the assault.

Protests in Tokyo Against US Osprey Aircraft 04 Nov 2012 Thousands of people have rallied against American deployment of Osprey military aircraft on a southern Japanese island amid escalating anti-U.S. military sentiment following recent crimes. Protesters gathered Sunday at a Tokyo park demanding removal of 12 MV-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft from Okinawa. Ospreys were deployed in October despite local opposition over safety concerns following two crashes elsewhere. They chanted, "Ospreys out! Marine Corps out!"

KBR Ordered to Pay *85 Million Over Soldiers' Toxin Exposure 06 Nov 2012 A jury on Friday ordered an American military contractor to pay *85 million after finding it guilty of negligence for illnesses suffered by a dozen Oregon soldiers who guarded an oilfield water plant during the Iraq war. After a three-week trial, the jury deliberated for just two days before reaching a decision against the contractor, Kellogg Brown and Root. The suit was the first concerning soldiers' exposure to a toxin at a water plant in southern Iraq.

KBR Ordered to Pay Troops *85 Million in Chromium Case 03 Nov 2012 KBR Inc., the largest U.S. military contractor [terrorists], must pay 12 U.S. soldiers *85 million in noneconomic and punitive damages for negligently exposing the troops to toxic chromium dust at a company worksite in Iraq in 2003, a federal court jury in Portland, Oregon, said. The case was the first to go to trial against Houston-based KBR over injuries suffered by its employees or by troops guarding the workers at company sites in Iraq.

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