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Friday, November 30, 2012

TeenScreen Hammered Out of Existence

KWQC News 6 (Davenport, Iowa)
National Suicide Screening Program Ending In Camanche

By Mark Stevens
Nov 29, 2012

A suicide screening program just getting started at Camanche Middle School will shut down in two weeks.
The program is run out of Columbia University in New York.

Just this week, it called Teen Screen affiliates across the country to let them know the private donation that’s funded this program is ending.
TeenScreen will shut down on December 14.

Leaving five school districts in Clinton County looking for a new option.

“It’s essential for us to be involved in our entire community to be providing these services to our middle school students, it’s a way to show the community we are addressing the issue of suicide,” says Camanche Middle School Principal Justin Shaffer.
He says Teen Screen is well received in his school. 95 parents signed their seventh and eighth graders up to be screened earlier this month. Shaffer says that number shows Camanche is serious about this sensitive issue.

“There have been a large number of Camanche individuals whether they’ve been adults or kids that have chosen to commit suicide and we want to intervene as soon as possible,” says Shaffer.
About half the students will get through the Teen Screen program before it shuts down. The rest will have to wait until a new option can be found. Camanche schools At-Risk Coordinator Josh Davis says it’s too important a test to let go, “your son or daughter gets tested for hearing or vision, but the mental side doesn’t always get to the whole populations.”

“All of us partners that have been offering this throughout the United States can longer implement the program,” says Teen Screen coordinator Jocelyn Meyer.

 Thanks to all those who helped hammer TeenScreen out of existence.
Obviously, the school principal, Justin Shaffer, in the below story didn’t get the memo on the unscientific and dangerous nature of mental health screening of children.

For you veterans who led the vigorous national pushback, perhaps you’d like to get in one last lick on TeenScreen.  For you newcomers that never had the opportunity, this is a chance to take your very first swing.  
You can write to the school superintendent, Mr. Thomas Parker here: thomas.parker@camanche.k12.ia.us

Just impart your knowledge - politely!  "Mental health screening" (TeenScreen or not) is a complete scam.   It lands kids in front of a psychiatrist with a prescription pad.

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